28 January, 2014

Imbolc (aka Candlemass/St. Brigit's/Groundhog)
is a non-religious ‘fest’ we do at NCEB to promote
male bonding, camaraderie & friendship.
It signals the end of winter & the coming of spring.
We will light candles at dusk, read poetry, show
handicrafts we have made and share a potluck
meal together*. It is great nude male fellowship.
Saturday, February 1, 2014
4:30PM to 8:00PM

Walnut Creek

For NCEB Members & their guest(s). This event is open to members of NCEB, LIAHO and BBB.
Directions/questions & to RSVP: nakedcompanyeastbay@gmail.com

What to Bring:
  •           Towel to sit on (& hot tub)
  • ·       Candles (optional)
  • ·       Poem to read (half page or less)
  • ·       Handicraft you made yourself
  • ·       Food dish to share (3-4 people) – e.g., casserole, salad, dessert, side dish, vegetable dish, finger food
  • ·       Good cheer!

                                S c h e d u l e
4:30 - Arrival - Meet and Greet
5:33 - Candle Lighting Ceremony (with bells and drumming accompaniment)
5:50 - Poetry Reading
6:20 - Dinner
7:00 - Sharing
8:00 - Hot tub ?? (if weather permits)

09 October, 2013

Samhain Nudefest

Our Annual 

Samhain  Nudefest

(Hallowe'en / All Hallow's / Autumn)

To Remember the Past as We Leave Summer Behind and Look Toward the End of the  Year & Our Future in the Coming New Year.

|    T h e   E v e n t   A g e n d a    |


1PM - 2PM Pre-event face & body painting
(in lieu of Hallowe'en costume) [note: jacuzzi will be open]
Inline image 1
Painting by AEM3

2:00PM - 2:30PM     Meet and Greet (Big hugs all around!)
The Greeting Circle.

2:30PM - 3:30PM     Remembering those who now live only in our hearts and minds and the stories we tell of their lives.*
We walk the stone circle.

3:30PM - 4:45PM     POTLUCK [feel free to indulge in the jacuzzi--without the food, of course!]

4:45PM - 5:00PM     Parting Circle & Good Journeys (lots of hugs all around)


November 3rd, 2013 

1:00PM to 5:00PM

The event will be held at: 
Dzahn & Joe's place 
Walnut Creek

If you need the address and contact information or have any questions or concerns, replyto:nakedcompanyeastbay@gmail.com Subj: RSVP Samhain Nudefest

01 September, 2013


We are phasing out the website and grouplist and are now on Google Communities (NCEB Community) exclusively. You must be signed up to Google+ in order to get a 'By Invitation Only' to join this group. We plan to eventually shift everything to this community so that everyone in NCEB can connect with one another online and off. All future event announcements will be made on NCEB Community. Don't be left out! If you have not accepted your invitation yet, please do so today. If you did not get an invitation, be sure to join Google+ today and send an email request for an invitation to this address. If you do not know how to join Google+, you will find instructions on our blog (which will always be there as it is for potential new members seeking information about NCEB and how membership works). The link for the blog is listed below.

Benefits of Being in the NCEB Community
  • completely private--only bonafide members of NCEB are allowed into this private, invitation only community.
  • members can see all other members of the group in the members list.
  • members can contact other members in the group at any time with or without knowing their email.
  • members can post to the community wall (events, text, photos, videos, music, links to other sites)
  • members can create circles with other members in the group so if you want to share something only with a few or many specific guys in the group, only those in that circle will see your post.
  • Accept invitations to events right in the community. You can see in real time who is planning to attend. (This can make planning carpools much more efficient.)
  • Members can share any nudist related event they want. No need to send an email and wait for it to be sent out as a group email that might get lost or your never see.
  • You can opt for notifications so any time someone posts to the Community wall, you'll get an email notification so you don't even have to constantly check every day, just when you get notified a new post is there.
  • As a member of the community, you are in an exclusive Google Circle so you have access to members' profiles. If they have contact info on their profile you can call them, chat or email them privately.
  • No one outside the community circle knows you are in that circle (unless you tell them) so it is discrete as well as private. Even if you tell someone, they will only see what is on the community if they are a member of the community themselves. No invitation, no can see the community membership list, wall or any other features of the community.
  • The NCEB Community is not shared or advertised on search engines so no one can find it unless they are told by someone in the group.
As for those who don't like Google, I'm sure we all have social groups we do not like. I chose Google+ because 

1) I'm already using it. 

2) I know how it works and know how to use it so I am qualified to instruct those who don't.

3) I'm the facilitator of the group and until and when I have co-facilitators who are willing to share in the decision making and do the work involved in setting up and maintaining this so we can have a cohesive group, I get to make these decisions. I'm not trying to be a dictator. Any volunteers willing to step up and help? [Some days I feel like the Little Red Hen. Sigh.] 

4) I've yet in the 14 years I've been on Google ever had it give me reason to think they bit me in the ass or did anything untoward like spying on me. If anything, it has been, for the most part, trouble free and full of great free tools for maintaining a strong web presence. 

5) If any one has any questions or concerns about this, I welcome and appreciate your input.

25 August, 2013

The All New NCEB Community on Google+

NCEB is now on Google+ Communities!

This new function will replace the old grouplist and website. NCEB Community offers all our members the ability to interact dynamically with all other members of the group

10 March, 2011

Follow NCEB on Facebook

Do you have a Facebook account? You can add NCEB as a friend there by searching the member directory for "Magnus Hirschfeld" or follow the link when you are logged on to FB. FB would not let me create an account with our group name so I chose the namesake of our first Full Frontal movie, "The Einstein of Sex: Life and Work of Dr. M. Hirschfeld" who many consider to be the father of the modern gay movement.